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Group Title Game Title Group Desc Online Location Group State
Details Edelgard von Rhein's Chere Campaign E.D.R.P.G. Set on the Imperial Frontier in a small cluster of inhabited systems centred on the Chere system. Plot lines revolve around dealing with local anarchy and criminal elements, competing industrial and factional agendas and the mysteries that arise from outside inhabited space. The games are mostly espionage and military in nature, working for local factions and occasionally wealthy individuals or families. roll20 + discord rpgLooking
Details EDRPG Braunschweig E.D.R.P.G. Looking for players in Lower Saxony in Germany. I am located in Braunschweig, play also possible at the typical game events like "Brot & Spiele" or "Rollenspiel DinG". One-Offs or longer campaigns still possible, but at this point no online play, this will come in the future. Braunschweig, Germany rpgLooking
Details The Architects EDRPG E.D.R.P.G. While we have dabbled with roll20/discord, we are a group (of 5-7) who prefer sitting down together to play. Run by CmdrThe Architect (discord) aka Steven Swaby (EDRG facebook). We play other rpg's too. This game is set in 3301 before the Thargoids have arrived. Ipswich, Suffolk, UK rpgLooking
Details Test 6 Elite:Minitures Test Test rpgAbandoned
Details Test Group E.D.R.P.G. Test Game 6 Test Location rpgAbandoned
Details testr Elite Encounters test test rpgAbandoned
Details Test Game Elite Encounters Test Game 1 Lave rpgAbandoned

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