Sanctimonious Stories

Back during the days of the Kickstarter, there were quite a few official fiction projects which were kickstarted alongside the main game. One of these was the Elite: Chronicles project which was supposed to be a crowd created fiction project. Unfortunately, the project seemed to disappear and is one of the three missing Kickstarter projects which have never materialised in connection with Elite : Dangerous.

I submitted a short story to Elite: Chronicles so it has never materialised in official form. However, I did take the characters and the situation and continued to work on it until I had the first draft of a 120,000 word novel. Unfortunately, circumstances mean that this story will probably never see the light of day but because I fell for my characters in a big way (a truly weird experience); I have continued their story as if they were characters existing in Elite: Dangerous storyline today.

So, if you see a busted up red rusty ASP, flying about called ‘The Sanctimonious’ in Elite: Dangerous, that’s probably this crew on a new adventure. What we have here are the crew’s biographies, the collected short stories which have been appearing on the Frontier Forums (one of which even won a prize in the latest fiction competition), their audio versions and any new ones will appear here as well.

Colin (Cmdr PhoenixDfire from Lave Radio)

The Short Stories

The Crew intecepts a distress call from Professor Palin about a Federal Fleet which stole his precious data. The crew decide to investigate.

The crew continues to help Professor Palin by investigating Thargoid Ruins to retrieve artifacts.

With Thargoid Attacks on the increase, the Sanctimonous attempts to rescue people from Alien Abduction.

The Thargoids have attacked Titan's Daughter. The crew attempt to get civiallians off the station in case the worst happens.

AGEIS has put out a call to strike back against the thargoids and the crew answer that call.

With new Thargoids ships attacking stations in the Bubble of Human Occupied space, the Sanctimonious finds itself defending the system of Bok.

The crew decide to get away from fighting the Thargoids, so they decide to join Cannon's Mega-ship 'The Gnosis' as it flys to an unknown location.

Character Profiles

Duncan ‘Mac’ McTaggert

Commander, pilot and owner of the Asp explorer class ship ‘Sanctimonious’. A former high ranking federal officer, he is about 40, six-foot-high, thinning brown hair and dark brown eyes. His military past, specialising in slave liberation. This has left him disillusioned and bitter towards the Federation and life generally.

Outwards gruff, rude and cynical, the few people who get to know him know it’s an act. He works the frontier to pay for his daughter to go through one of the exclusive universities on Mars and pay maintenance to his ex-wife.

David ‘Davie’ Thornton

The second crew member of the Sanctimonious. He’s good looking (and he knows it), about 30 and of Indian sub-continent decent. Flamboyantly happy all the time, his attitude can be irritating to Mac. On shore leave he likes to party hard, leaving Mac to pick up the pieces or front the bail money. He’s extremely loyal to Mac and will always be there as a friend but wishes there was more between them. Competent at his job, he has shares in the ship and sees he sees no reason to leave, even though the work can be a little boring on some of the long flights

Mooka (Slave MOOK99884a)

Mooka is an eleven-year-old girl, born into Imperial Slavery. Blonde Haired, blue eyed, she’s could be used as a poster girl for Imperial Genetics. Mooka and her mother were kidnapped from her home on Achenar. Her father was hurt on the attack and she doesn’t know if he’s alive or dead. She’s been traded again and again, until the ship carrying her came under attack and was rescued by the Sanctimonious.

She’s quick, intelligent and highly educated. However, she’s also quite sheltered, having been kept more like a prize pet, than a working slave. She is not used to the brutal life of a slave since being ‘stolen’. Due to her conditioning, she believes in the Imperial version of slavery and constantly argues its merits with Mac.