Wings, Trades, RPGs and Bounties

Welcome to the Wings, Trades, RPGs and Bounty Boards for Elite: Dangerous (EDWTRB).

For all the fantastic content that is in Elite: Dangerous; there is no in game functionality to help with finding wings, help with player to player trade, looking for RPG groups and setting bounties on other players. The purpose of this site is to provide players with this functionality until Frontier develop their own in-game systems for Elite: Dangerous.

You are allowed to rate other commanders to show how reliable they are in a Wing, Trade, RPG or Bounty Collection/Payment.

BUT BE AWARE; there may be some griefers out there who will try and lure players into a trap using this site, baiting players with an offer of a Wing, Trade or Bounty. It's a case of 'Buyer Beware' and this site cannot be held responsible for some player behaviour.

Remember the golden rule - If they make you frown; rate them down.

Latest News

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Wings allows players to create and join 'Pick Up Wings' so they can tackle some of the higher end content that a single commander can't do by themselves.

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Trades will allow players to buy and sell rare commodities, mostly requried by Engineers, to other players.

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Wings allows players to create and join RPG Groups either in Real Life or online

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Bounties will allow Bounties to be set against other players. Sick of that griefer, then post a bounty. (However, only one active bounty is allowed against a single player as more could be considered hassrassment or griefing).

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